Not a question but praise for your show.
Saw you last night in Rockport, MA - your show blew me away. Has to be one of the best shows I have ever enjoyed- amazing talent, and music. Jodi you were a great MC. and your singer was just amazing. What was her name?
When I say your show was one of the best, I am comparing it to other great shows I have seen such as Celtic Women< Celtic Thunder, Andy Cooney (Bet you know him) and another female group I am a big fan of The Lennon Sister's who's harmonies are amazing -- you ladies were right up there.
Please come back to Boston area - I'll be there.
Peter MacNeil< MA

CHERISH THE LADIES responded on 11/03/2014

Hi Peter. so sorry for the late response, didn't know these questions were here! Thanks for the great feedback from our rockport show... our singer was Cathie Ryan... All the best, Joanie

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