I've been to two of your Christmas concerts and loved them both!! In 2013, it was at a bigger venue (Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut), and this year, 2014, it was at a smaller, more intimate, venue (the Fairfield Gaelic American Club). Your Fairfield Christmas show this year didn't have many seats available and sadly sold out so fast I wasn't able to get tickets for my daughter, sister, and friends who wanted to attend. Is there any possibility that you (with Cathie Ryan) will be performing at a bigger venue again in Fairfield for Christmas 2015 so even more people can enjoy your wonderful Irish celebration? This would also give your fantastic Irish dancers a bit more room on stage too. :)

CHERISH THE LADIES responded on 06/02/2015

Hi Sharon... we'll be returning to fairfield next December. the info is on our website. under tour dates! thanks!

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