Dear Joannie and all,

I play the whistle (poorly) for my boys, 7 and 9, each night at bedtime. One of their favorites is Blind Mary.

Trouble is, they'd like me to play the song as you recorded it on "A Whistle on the Wind." And try as I might, I can't figure out those notes. Have you ever written them down? I do have your tune book, but Blind Mary isn't included.

Thanks for the music.

And best,


CHERISH THE LADIES responded on 06/02/2015

hi joe! Great to hear you play whistle for your boys!!! that's great....

I don't have the music, but Kathleen Boyle (from cherish the ladies) will transcibe it for you for a small fee of $20 and send you the sheet music if you like... her email is if you'd like her to do that.

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